Zee Melt 2017: Engagement and creativity dominate sessions on Day-2

Zee Melt 2017: Engagement and creativity dominate sessions on Day-2
David Weeks, Aditi Shrivastava and Ashish Limaye discuss content, metrics, innovations, opportunities, creativity and data

The sessions on day-2 of Zee Melt 2017 primarily discussed content, metrics, innovations, opportunities and lot more.

The afternoon session at the ViewClickShare conference saw interesting speakers. David Weeks, Executive Director at The Week, shared a case study on how they associated with Rolex and created – Rolex and The Week – Innovation and heritage.

The Week rolled out various pieces of content around Rolex Awards which was concluded earlier last month. The publication told stories about various associations people have had with the watch.

The next session was by Aditi Shrivastava, Co-Founder, Pocket Aces Pictures, where she spoke about how ‘Engagement is the new TRP.’

She claimed that across all platforms, the average reach of Pocket Aces is 25 million; 1.5 million average video views. Most of the traffic is from top cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Kolkata and they have a fair gender spread – 50:50 men versus women.

While there is reach, Shrivastava questioned – are reach and views the only metrics to consider on digital? She shared an example of content pieces that they had analysed and told the audience that reach and views were not the only way to measure the success of a campaign. “A campaign may have less reach, but more engagement and that’s when you know which campaign is more successful. Engagement in terms of shares, comments and average watch time also form tools to measure content. Reach, views and engagement are not mutually exclusive,” she said.

But could it happen with branded content too? She answered, “Yes, it can happen with branded content as well. Branded content and engagement are not mutually exclusive. Pocket Aces has worked with brands like Lifestyle, Furlenco, Red Chillies, Freecharge, Tinder, Oyo Saffola, Stylecracker and many more.”

“It must be noted that not all metrics are created equal. Not all platforms are created equal. YouTube is a watching platform; Facebook is an engagement / advocacy platform and both are very important. 70 per cent of YouTube sharing happens via Whatsapp which is dark sharing. Facebook is completely opposite,” Shrivastava said. “New age platforms like Instagram and Snapchat cannot be ignored.”

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